Thursday, November 11, 2010

Delicious Distraction

Yesterday, I was all un-sexied because of concern about my mother's health. (update: she'll be fine - she talked me out of traveling unless they decide to do something invasive - right now she's just sitting in the hospital, bored, hydrating, and waiting another day to see if it resolves itself) I spent yesterday worrying myself into a frenzy before about 5 pm, which was completely unhelpful.

So to try to knock myself back into my normally happy place, I spent the evening chatting online with friends, doing laundry in case we need to travel, reading posts from PSO forums, browsing through others' phone sex listings, and making juvenile comments on friends' Facebook posts (one friend's entire post was "boobs" to amuse her son ... was I just supposed to leave that alone? of course not).

By about 10 pm, I was starting to feel a little clearer mentally, and a little more relaxed emotionally. I considered logging on, but decided not to push it.

And then in walked my husband, in his suit. With no shirt on under it. The black one. The one with the awesome smooth lapels that makes the suit almost look like a tux. He was trying it on because we might have a suit-worthy event if we do travel, and showing me that it fit him a little better than it used to.

Oh. My. God. Did it ever. My hands and mouth got all twitchy, and my tummy got all flippy, and I crawled across the bed to show him the effect it was having on me. One kneeling fluffer blow job later, we took the reconfigured Fuckatorium bed for a test ride -- turns out it is the perfect height for him to fuck me while kneeling beside it, with my legs wrapped around him and my ass almost hanging off the edge. And when that happens, turns out it hits this completely juicy spot inside me.

It was a perfect quickie - long enough for me to have a big, tasty, rolling orgasm, but not long enough to drain me of the energy I'd recovered. It was like a fuck-snack before bed. I slept better than I had in days.

This morning I woke up mulling about the sexy stories of mid-day naughtiness from my office cam buddy, hoping I can talk Doc into topping me today even though I shooed him away yesterday, wondering if I'd been too hard on a humiliation-seeking sub last time we talked, and where the hell is Agent Jones because my intrigue and espionage meters are getting dangerously low. And how to write the suit-fucking into the blog to give readers ideas...

Oh, hey, look at that, I'm back. Whew. I guess you can't keep a good Inner Slut down!

So today, I look forward to as many deliciously distracting calls as possible to keep my Inner Worry Wart at bay!

(Side note, thanks tons for the well-wishing notes from yesterday. Super super sweet. /sniffle)


  1. Your husband is a lucky, lucky man...

    /strolls off to Men's Warehouse

  2. /giggle Yep, Champ, that's the response I was hoping for!