Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Where To Start Page

On Nov 15 2010, when this blog was exactly 3 months old, I figured out my blog would be 157 pages if it were made into a physical book. It is no longer feasible for someone to sit down and read my whole blog before they call me.

So it seemed like a good idea to create a guided tour of the basics of Galiana - a place to start, at least.

That guided tour is now on a new page (, but I've replicated it here, so I would remember what it looked like when it first started (I expect to update it with new posts).

About My Life:
About Galiana the Phone Sex Operator:
Things To Always Do If You Call Phone Sex Lines:
About Calls With Me: 
My Limitations and Challenges:
Galiana's Little Theories On Life:
Blog Posts That Turned Into Series:
My Favorite Blog Post So Far:
The labels down the left of my blog link to blog posts which are tagged with that label - a few of interest:
  • Data: posts detailing what I've learned by analyzing data about my job, and what I no longer believe can be known 
  • Funny: posts that I find more amusing than informative 
  • My Way: posts explaining how I do this job, and how that may be different than how others do it
  • Pics: posts with pictures in them
  • PSO: posts more about the business side of being a Phone Sex Operator 
  • What I Want: posts about what I want, from callers and from life, but mostly from callers 
And that concludes our "Welcome to Chance It: The Blogged Life of Galiana Chance" Tour!

Welcome aboard.

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