Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Least Favorite Thing

My least favorite thing about phone sex is when someone hangs up suddenly without even saying "Thanks! Bye!" or "Gotta go!" or "Whoa! Later... " At least then I know the call ended intentionally.

I don't mind if you don't cuddle after you climax - if I've provided the service you came to get (pun intended), you should feel free to hang up. Or if there's a life interruption, go! You should never feel badly about ending the call.

(Side Note: Of course, if you stay for afterglow or pillow talk, I love it. A lot. It makes me irrationally happy. But I'm okay without it.)

The problem is that sudden unexpected breaks without even a "Bye!" give me angst, of the was-that-the-system-or-was-that-him variety, and I can't figure out whether or not to let go of the energy of the call. If you're likely to call back, I want to be in the same place. If not, I want to clear out and move on to the next task.

I won't block you if you sudden-hang-up on me, but it is my least favorite thing.

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