Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dear Life: Be More Predictable

Dear Life:
Please be more predictable. It's bad enough that I can't predict how many phone sex calls I'll get, or what time of day is best to be logged in, or what difference it makes when I change the number of blog entries per week. But the least you could do is wait until things feel settled to toss in a family-related health crisis.

Dear Readers and Callers:

I may have to travel to Mom's if her doctor decides she needs surgery tomorrow - she's been in the hospital with an upper GI blockage for three days. It is almost certainly solve-able, and almost certainly not life-threatening.

However, as someone who worries too much about almost everything (I can't be perfect, right?), the situation is mucking with my ability to feel sexy. So I haven't been following my calendar. I'll update it to reflect a big, fat "Sorry, but I don't know."

How can you help? Well, financially, if you've ever had the urge to send me a Tribute, now would be a great time (click the "Pay a Tribute" link from that listing). Or buy pics from My Flirt Store. Or make sure you've left feedback on all your calls and purchases to help my listings stay well-ranked. Or listen to my recorded listing for at least 2 minutes, then leave me feedback (because although five people have listened to it, none have left feedback, so it's not showing up in the list of recordings yet, which is annoying). Any of those would be super-awesome.

Non-financially, I'd love your prayers / healing energy / good thoughts for Mom, and your prayers / calming energy / good thoughts for me. Or now would be a great time to drop me an email with a set up for our next fantasy - send some good fun play energy my way.

I will be logging in whenever I feel sexy. It will probably hit me suddenly, when Inner Slut has had enough of being ignored and says, "Fuck this being worried and feeling useless shit... Let's play!" Inevitably during times of stress, I get bursts of sexual energy. In those moments, the best way to help me is to call and give me orgasms! Yay escapism!

If you want to be notified when I'm on line with an email, let me know and I will do so happily (either an in-system email or to any email address you provide).

Sorry for lack of predictability. Thanks for your understanding. When I know anything for sure, I'll let you know.


Dear Galiana,
I would try that, but... ummm... when exactly do "things feel settled"?

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