Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pics and Pic Musings

I have a new package of pictures for sale for $5, called "35 HQ Listing Faves". The concept is that I've used a lot of my favorite shots in my listings, and some people would enjoy larger, higher-quality versions of those pictures.

So this package pulls together every pic I've ever used for any of my listings, plus a few random favorite extras. Stats: out of the 35 pictures in the package, 5 are offered in other packages, almost all are 1024 x something pixels, 6 have uncensored nudity, and either 4 or 10 of them have toys in them (depending if you count cuffs and floggers as toys).

Here's the button to buy it! (a NiteFlirt account is required) 

A few preview pics, for fun (they are bigger and higher quality in the package):
Taken amateur at home in August 2010, it's cheesy, grainy, color-corrected, and yet has a fun retro pin-up feel. I irrationally love it.

The uncensored version of this picture includes a giant handprint on my ass, thus the pout. But the pout looks fake because I asked for the giant handprint on my ass... Taken at my 40th birthday celebration shoot in September 2010.

This gem just didn't happen to make it into any of the picture packages, but I love the perspective and the little lip bite. This is what you would see after we make out and you take off my glasses (thus the glasses indention on my nose still...), as I slide my way down your chest to take you in my mouth. That grin. 

And now for some musing about pictures.

I want to start hosting my pics and providing links to password-protected folders instead of zip files, for people who are using their phone or who can't save content, so I can write little commentaries like this on my photos. I want to finally organize the 800+ pics from my September birthday celebration shoot into packages and offer them for sale - it's been two months fer pete's sake. I want to make more masturbation videos because the Sybian one has been popular.

However, I seem to be more easily motivated to write blog posts than organize pics or figure out how to set up a remote drive to connect to my photo hosting partner. I have, at least, chosen a hosting partner. Go go Galiana.

It might be the scale: 800+ pictures is a ton. It might be the inertia of having too many choices: organize by outfit? emotion? body part? some of each? Or it might be that I want uninterrupted blocks of time to sort through complex choices, and phone sex does not guarantee uninterruptibility.

So I have a new goal: one new picture package for sale each week. Trying to eat the elephant all at once has failed me, so I'm going to do it piece-meal and see how it goes. Wish me luck.

And, because some of you have asked, why are my pictures so cheap? Especially the high-quality ones done in a professional photo shoot? Because: (1) experimentation with higher prices was not profitable (2) it's in my best interest for you to have luscious images of me floating around in your head, and (3) I'm not likely to become a pay-to-view-content-centric girl. Photo and video shoots take a lot of prep and recovery for me. I would rather be excited about doing them sporadically (dress up! attention! creativity!) and have them feed phone callers than be my main focus.

I don't want to lose my excitement over the shoots themselves, and I'm afraid if I were doing them more regularly, I would indeed lose enthusiasm. The reason I like my photos is that they are memories of doing something fun, and hopefully they look like I'm having a good time. It would be no good to lose the fun - after all, Fun is my middle name! (did it really take me this long to say that? yes, yes it did)

This "favorites" set was, in some ways, the hardest to put together, and therefore the set I wanted to do first, to ensure my favorite shots were available from the beginning, and to ensure I don't use them in other sets.

I look forward to increased momentum on picture-packaging activities from now on. /fingers crossed 

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