Thursday, November 4, 2010

Recorded Listing Live!

Recorded listings are live again on NiteFlirt, and my first one is live! You can find it here:

Yesterday, we got the announcement that they're back. In case you don't know, a "recorded listing" is where I record a .wav file, upload it, and then it's available 24 hours / day, 7 days / week, for your listening pleasure, even if I'm not available. Heck, you can use it even if I am available, but you just don't have the energy to deal with a real live human being.

You pay by the minute, just like for a phone call. For us, NiteFlirt keeps more of the money, so my portion of a $0.99 live listing is the same as a $1.29 recorded listing. 

Of course my first listing is oral. More specifically, it's how I like to introduce myself to a new cock: I'm on my knees, with your fist wrapped in my hair, sucking on your flesh and playing with myself until we both climax. YUM.

I've talked a lot on this blog about role plays and unusual requests, but the thing I do most often is a good, solid, enthusiastic blow job. Thankfully, I can enjoy myself tremendously by playing with a vibrator while describing having a hard dick between my lips.

Often I'm sucking on my fingers or a dildo while I'm on the call, and gagging noises are almost always me actually letting myself gag a little with something down my throat. I can fake gagging noises, sort of, but I'm not happy with them. They don't have that same... urgency. You can thank me for my perfectionism compulsions next time we talk.

I didn't post a blog post yesterday because I forced myself to wait until the recorded listing was up, to ensure I got it done. It was a lot of work, and if I'd started blogging or doing other tasks, I wouldn't have finished.

I had a lot to test and figure out about which headset/mic to use, sound levels, export settings, etc. Then I had to write out the script to ensure that I included all my favorite phrases and images. If it's gonna be recorded, it should be the Best Of, right? Then I read the script out loud for timing and pacing and awkward language and repetitious word choices about a dozen times before I was happy with it. 

Then I recorded it, twice. I posted the second one. The first try was technically cleaner, and easier to understand all the way through, with no verbal stumbling, but I didn't actually have an orgasm at the end of it - it was faked. I was playing with myself, but I just wasn't quite there by the time that part of script arrived. I have mentioned how much I hate masturbating alone, haven't I? What baffles me is why it took me so long to become a phone sex operator, really...

Anyway, the second recording, the one that's posted, gets a little muddled near the end, I trip over one word, and there's a pause that's longer than it should be, but ... I was tumbling over the brink of pretty darn lovely climax at that point, so I think it can probably be forgiven. The wrap up is significantly less coherent than ideal, but it was due to genuine fuck-scrambling. You can thank me for understanding the limitations of my perfectionism compulsions next time we talk.

The listing is in "pending" status until it is reviewed and approved, so you won't see it if you look at my home page, but the link above will take you to it, so it's live that way. Approval will probably happen more slowly than usual (2-3 business days), because I'm sure the team is inundated by requests. All the Flirts who made mp3s in the past year probably converted them to .wav files and submitted them. Recorded listings have been down for about a year, so I'm sure there is a backlog.

A thought for all you long-time phone sex customers: if your favorite Flirt has retired, you may want to drop by her home page and see if she ever made a recorded listing, and see if it came back on line now. If her bank account or mailing address is still set up, she'll still get the money!

I'm so interested to make a few more recorded listings and see how they affect my income. They are simpler to do than photo shoots, and I kind of like the thought of having my favorite scenarios captured and available any time!

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