Saturday, November 13, 2010


I just realized that I can list my limits here on my blog and link to that from my listings. I don't want to list my off-limits activities in my listings, because then people searching for those things find me!

The list of what I don't find sexy to talk about lines up fairly well with NiteFlirt's Terms of Service (from the Adult Content Policy). So here are the things that I will not discuss over the phone, and a little explanation about them:
  • Bestiality: a hard limit of mine personally - no sex with animals, period. I have no sexy response to it.
  • Incest: also a hard limit of mine personally - no sex with family, period. For me, that extends to things like stealing mom/sister's panties, too - I have no sexy response. I don't mind using "Sugar Daddy" or "Daddy-O" or other sentimental mid-century phrases, and I love fantasies about older nurturing partners, but no actual family relationships in my role plays.
  • Sexual Age Play: I won't role play sexual activity with those younger than 18, or discuss people younger than 18 in a sexual manner. (Although my personal limit is 16, I understand the need for 18 on NiteFlirt, but the thought of younger than 16 disturbs me). Edit: OOPS this sounds like I would have real-life sex with a 16-year-old which... ugh... noooooo - real teens have not been attractive to me for years - my cougar limit in life is about 24. What I mean is: I would be okay in my personal life role-playing a sexy 16-year-old cheerleader or something. However, on the phone, I'll only do sexual role-play down to 18. Non-sexual conversation has no age limits for me.
  • Sex with graphic violence: that's from the terms of service, and it's vague. My definition: if you're saying you're really doing it, I would never encourage you to cut or pierce or penetrate or injure yourself in any way that runs a significant risk of requiring medical attention. Bruises and well-spanked asses and sore nipples and teeth marks are all fine. Knife play leaving shallow surface scratches is okay, but that's my edge.
  • Death: not specified by NiteFlirt, but I think of it as an extension of "graphic violence". Not only does that mean I won't role play either of us killing each other, but it also means I won't help you have an orgasm if you're driving. Pull over, then we'll play, because I'm firmly against you dying while we're on the phone.
  • Sex with degradation: so vague as to be useless. I would never launch into humiliation without being asked to provide it, but when it's consensual, I'm fine with it. I categorize name-calling and being mean as "humiliation" not "degradation". However, I won't do any kind of meanness based on race, because (a) I'd be horrible at it and (b) racial inequality pisses me off too much to be sexy for me. 
  • Rape sex: harder to define than it seems like it would be. On a personal level, I enjoy playing with "consensual non-consent", where we consensually talk about begging to stop or struggling. Heck, the raw physicality of struggling can be invigorating, even if there's no emotional resistance. I wouldn't do a straight-up rape fantasy, but there are a lot of variations of reluctance and coercion that I'm willing to play with. Discussion required.
  • Excretory functions / bodily fluids / adult baby diapering: clarified as urine or feces. Adult baby diapering is not sexy for me. Feces are a big turn-off for me, which is a little weird because I do anal and rimming (in life and on the phone - they are allowed), but I need it all to be clean, and when it isn't, I clean up with a shower. I'm personally neutral about urine. I do not understand why these are against terms of service - they seem like preferences to me, and it's hard to imagine them being illegal, but obviously NiteFlirt needs to cover their ass about something.
  • Fisting: baffling to me personally. You can have four fingers in someone but not five? What? I have zero problem with this personally. 
  • Other content which may be judged as obscene: clearly a "cover your ass" clause. Useless. 
In my personal life, I say: I don't do kids, family, animals, pee, poop, anything requiring medical assistance to recover from, or death.

If you have a question about something that's not clear-cut, drop me an email or call to ask. I'm happy to read your specifics and let you know honestly if I can accommodate without killing my sexy mood. 

Allowed and Encouraged: (font changed to green to indicate yes please!) Here's a non-exhaustive list of things I enjoy talking about that some people might find off-limits: cunnilingus, fellatio, rimming, anal sex, anal toys including strap-ons, vaginal toys, spanking, clamps, paddles, flogging, crops, cuffs, restraints, foot fetish activities, stocking fetish activities, feminization, bimbo role play, cross-dressing, lingerie fetish activities, glory holes, being my servant, cuckolding, cream pies, chastity, tease and denial, guided masturbation both ways, domination and submission both ways, me watching you on cam, big black cock fetish role plays, and humiliation (discussion required to ensure I take it in the right direction). Oh, and the basics: sex! I genuinely love the thrill of a hard cock in a wet pussy in any position I can imagine! 

Simple enough: Off-limits topics are in black, in the bullet list. Topics within my limits are in green in the previous paragraph. I hope this clarifies!

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