Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flirting with Flirts

One of the best parts of this job has been the camaraderie I have developed with a few other Flirts.

Twitter exchange between me and the most adorable little blonde babe:
GalianaChance: If sorority initiations were like my last #phonesex caller imagined, I might have joined one!
MissAngelBrat: @GalianaChance *lol* Actually...*some* of them are...*wink*
GalianaChance: @MissAngelBrat Dammit!!! LOL :)
MissAngelBrat: @GalianaChance *grins* You gotta get out the right girls!
... And then I gave up the conversation because I couldn't see straight.

Kiwi Candy wrote me to say thanks, because she's new to NiteFlirt, and she appreciates what she has learned from my blog. Days later, I finally looked over her listings and site, with those gorgeous pictures and her amazing lips, and politely offered a few suggestions, none of which included any of the dirty thoughts inspired by her perfect breasts. She wrote back the most adorably effusive response, which ended with "P.S. Denim is the BEST!" ... At which point I gave up and admitted I have a massive, giant insta-crush on her.

Buttery Bellina offered to tie me up and beat me if I'm ever in her neck of the woods. Polite response: That's a nice little helper to pick a vacation spot, isn't it? ...Actual response: OhDearGodYesPleaseWithAllMyHeart.

Zellana and I started about the same time, and I realized we're both non-monogamous bisexuals, and we sometimes have reason to end up in the same town. ... My heart stopped beating for a few seconds and I can't think about it for too long without my eyes kind of crossing.

Anna West told me I'd bank if I got on cam, and offered to do two-girl calls with me (which are complicated to do according to NiteFlirt rules, but she knows how, and I'd loooove to let Anna guide me annnnny darn way she wants). ...I haven't set up for cam, but when I do, I'm hitting that chance. Word play absolutely intended.

Inner Editor: Wait, hold on, none of what has been described is "camaraderie," it's just lust.
Inner Slut: (looks away, whistles, and wanders off slowly)


  1. I think I have the definite hots on your Inner Slut. You're one truly amazing woman!

    P.S... I have an insta crush on you too!

  2. I think you should let your inner slut out to play *much* more often!!

    *kisses and gropes*


  3. Cassidy, I should do stuff like this WAY more often for sure!! :D