Monday, November 29, 2010

Contest at MyFlirtStore

There's a contest going on at MyFlirtStore: whoever gets "featured" the most from now until Christmas wins an iPhone 4. I have an iPhone 3, and it would be fun to have an iPhone 4, but not necessary, so don't worry, I won't be mad at all of you if I don't win :)

MyFlirtStore is a place for NiteFlirt providers to list their pay-to-view and tribute offerings. All the money processing goes through your NiteFlirt account, just the same as if it were listed on my NiteFlirt page. I have a page there:

But if you go to the main page (, you'll see that there are Flirts "featured" down the right side of the page. The way they got featured was by people clicking their "Click Here / Feature Me" button. It's $10 and it makes me show up in the Featured list for 30 days. Here's the button, sorry it's flashing. Please don't have a seizure. Thanks. 

The money doesn't go to me. It goes to MyFlirtStore, which is run by a Flirt all on her own, who has made a pretty awesome and helpful web site.

However, the one month when I have been Featured, I definitely sold more pay-to-view items, so the money comes to me indirectly. For each Featuring, I get an extra 30 days - they stack.

And as incentive: anybody who sends me proof that you participated can pick out one item for free from My Flirt Store (including the Sybian video) to say thanks!


  1. Good luck! I hope you win!!!

  2. Chloe, Thanks! I suspect some militant Domme will win not me :) But I'll take the good wishes!