Friday, November 26, 2010

Twitter to Blog to Call!

I just had my first call where the caller found me from Twitter! That led him to my blog, which led him to call me.


All right. Seriously. The caps lock thing has to die here. I get that. I know. It's just not okay to keep over-caps'ing you guys. But it's justified in this case. Completely.

But in the meantime... I am thrilled! So far, people have found my blog / Twitter via NiteFlirt, which has led them to call me, but never the other way around. Except I can't say that any more - because now they have!

Wow. I have such renewed energy now for Twittering and blogging. I brought in a brand new person! All by myself! 

And best of all: I brought in a fucking yummy person. Remember how my favorite kind of call is when I'm just sleepy enough to start contemplating logging off, and I get what will probably be my last call of the night and I have one or two big fat delicious wonderful orgasms to put me to sleep with nice happy energy? It was that kind of a call. Luckiest. Girl. Ever.

Thanks, Prof! I look forward to your next office hours!


  1. You are too kind Galiana! Come by the office anytime. Just remember to close the shades and lock the door after you enter...

  2. Professor Weber! LOL! Nice web address... you really do know everything!

    And don't worry, I won't forget that part!