Friday, November 19, 2010

Unintentional Assistance

The other day, an unusual theme came up: unintentional assistance, where someone was adding to another's stimulation without intending to do so.

The first example is pretty common for me: stolen panties. It has easy-to-identify erotic elements: the risk of being caught, the feel of the fabric of the panties, the scent of the wearer's pussy. I've heard of people stealing panties while house-sitting / dog-sitting, during a party, and going into a neighbor's home through an unlocked back door when they were away! As a rule, I'm not in favor of breaking and entering, so I'll assume that last one was fantasy...

The second call wasn't terribly unusual either: peeping in on a neighbor as she undresses and showers. The risk of being caught is the same as panty-stealing, but the visuals are vastly superior, in my opinion.

The third was unique, in my experience: the caller wanted me to pretend that I worked in a book store, and he was calling to get off to the sound of my voice, but didn't want me to realize it right away. He asked for directions, and when I said "get off here" he asked me to repeat for him where to "get off"... /giggle. The conversation degenerated into questions like, "How long do you keep yourself open?" as his breathing got heavier, and my book store clerk played along, equal parts amused and titillated, as she figured out what was happening. I loved it!

And then I realized I'd had three fantasies in one day about women being stimulating without meaning to. It made me feel all powerful and seductive indeed.  /flex   (it's okay, you can /swoon)

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