Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Storing Nuts and Striking Irons

A recent chat exchange (edited for readability):

Him: It sounds as if you've been pushing yourself quite a bit lately as well
Galiana: Maybe...  it's hard to say no because I like this work
Him: And I'm sure you're storing nuts for the winter as well
Him: Have to strike when the iron's hot and all that
Galiana: Exactly
Galiana: Perfect way to put it
Him: And as Warren Zevon said, "I'll sleep when I'm dead"
Galiana: Yes
Galiana: I've heard December is busy, January is slower
Galiana: I don't want to push myself too hard
Galiana: But I don't want to miss out either
Galiana: It's trixie
I'm not alone with this dilemma. It is shared, not just with phone sex operators, but with anyone who has theoretically unlimited earning potential, and sets their own hours: independent web designers, consultants of every flavor, small business owners.

I probably spend an hour or so each day answering mentoring-type questions from other phone sex workers, or people interested in potentially joining the profession. I love it - I feel like I get to practice all the fun parts of being a manager (training, encouraging, offering suggestions for improvement), with none of the horrible parts (disappointing interviews, writing performance evaluations for mediocre workers, firing people).

The darling Kiwi Candy has let me live through her vicariously with overbearing amounts of advice about how I would be doing phone sex if I were Hollywood beautiful, in my early 20s, with an exotic accent. I had the pleasure of informing her that she had bypassed me on the front page! It cracked me up, because another Flirt did the same for me four months ago... 

It's happening to her the same way it happened to me back in August when I wrote this blog post - you're used to having all the time in the world between calls, then you get a few back-to-back-to-back and realize you haven't eaten, or gone to the bathroom, or done anything to renew your energy, and suddenly you're wiped out. And then you don't want to whine or complain about it, because you've been hoping to get busy, but now that you are, you're exhausted!

Several callers and blog readers have noticed that lately, my lines have often been Busy or Away or on Sleep Rates. And some of you are a little worried about me. You're sweet. Thank you very much. I truly, deeply, absolutely appreciate the concern.

However, please let me assure you: if I am answering sex phone calls, I am well-rested and feeling sexy. Honestly. I learned how to juggle the energy of this job back in August and September, and I have not forgotten those lessons.

If I'm feeling the need for high-quality sleep, I log off instead of setting sleep rates. If I have to deal with annoying bills or paperwork, I log off instead of answering the phone un-sexy-fied. If I have a long call that wears me out, I log off instead of giving the next caller anything less than my best.

That doesn't mean I'll never answer the phone sounding a little snuggly and sleepy late at night... but if I'm available, it's the sexy kind of snuggly.

And it doesn't mean that I won't push myself. I do sometimes. I will sometimes. Sometimes I will realize I need time away, like yesterday when I didn't log in until 4 to just hang around and be luxurious.

But here's the deal: I pushed myself too hard before phone sex, too. That just comes with the territory of being a perfectionist overachiever pleaser who hates to see myself as weak in any way... If I weren't pushing myself too hard with phone sex, I'd find another way to do it.

Tonight, though, as I'm sitting here on my super-comfy memory-foam-topped bed, enjoying reading new ego-stroking feedback, eating the delicious garlic chicken-and-veggie pasta my husband made me, I feel very far away from "run down". Actually, I feel very close to "spoiled rotten".

Yes, I'm working hard and storing nuts and striking irons, but I promise, I'm taking good care of myself while doing it.

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  1. Annnd as proof... one day after I posted this, I didn't log in until 7:15 :)