Monday, December 13, 2010

Hypno Recorded Listing & Pay-to-View

I've made a hypnotism recording! And here is: a brief mp3 sample if you're interested.

It is 16:32 minutes (which looks weird - I mean "16 minutes and 32 seconds" so it is right to say "16:32 minutes"? Not important, Chance...) and has three parts:
  1. Induction: a basic relaxation induction
  2. Pleasure: waves of pleasure washing over you, deepening your pleasure at my voice
  3. Trigger: post-hypnotic suggestions for pleasure, and for rapid re-induction
It's a slow, relaxing, languorous recording, representing one way I hypnotize someone over the phone. When I am live, I tend to go faster for induction if I the caller seems easily suggestible (most hypno callers are). And once someone is under, of course, I tend to get far more specific based on their requests.

The pleasure triggers in the recording are simple - non-specific waves of pleasure - to let your imagination fill in details.

The post-hypnotic suggestions are benign: one trigger for pleasure, and another for rapid re-induction which includes the caveat of "if you give me permission to hypnotize you again".

As I say in my hypnosis listing, I am only interested in beneficial/erotic hypnosis, not in creating an army of mindless zombie-bot-dolls to do my bidding, so there are no "now you are addicted to the sound of my voice" commands. I do that type of conditioning upon request, but not as a blindside.

I'm offering the recording two ways:

As a pay-to-view mp3 ($25): You download an attached mp3 - and get a link to a URL of the mp3 - to be able to listen to it as many times as you wish. Clearly a better option if you intend to listen more than once.

And also as a recorded listing (99 cents per minute for 17 minutes), which you can listen to from your NiteFlirt account: If you choose this path, please make sure to leave feedback, so the listing shows up in the category (it is easy for recorded listings to drop out of sight).

I'm having tons of fun hypnotizing people! Although it requires a lot of concentration, it is kind of relaxing for  me too. I love so much hearing someone all relaxed and blissed-out at the end of a call, whether from having an amazing hypnotic experience, or an amazing non-hypno phone sex orgasm. Hooray bliss!

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