Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reddit, A Week Later

So what happened because of my "Ask Me Anything" experiment on Reddit? (If you missed it, it was here:

I have picked up several new friends on my Galiana Facebook, all of whom are women (one of them went to a Comic-Con as Hit Girl, and I'm pretty sure I have a crush on her now). They are helping me decide my Facebook strategy - I think I'm going to shift and use it more as a blog interaction location, and not attempt to hide my profession. Especially since I have with more non-caller women than caller men on my friends list by about 2 to 1.

I had 280 unique visitors that day to my blog (my average before had been 25-30ish). Ten times the traffic! Wow!

And now, the money. Drumroll please... (drrrrrrrrrum): I have gotten 0 new callers! (cymbal crash) Yep, that's right, none whatsoever. But on the up side, I made 7 cents from Google ads from the additional traffic.


Ah, but the attention. It was Grade A Prime Time awesome fan-fucking-tastic. A whole day of thinking about me. Ridiculous. I loved it.

I feel quite certain that one bored day a few months from now, I'll do it again. Hopefully next time I'll figure out how to have less discussion about IQ tests and more about sexiness...

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