Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sleep Rates Aha Moment

I said I was going to do sleep-rates sometimes (where I raise my rate when I'm asleep but willing to be awakened), blogged about it, put it on my calendar, did it for three nights, and then... didn't do it again. And I didn't know why I didn't want to keep doing it. Baffling.

From that day two weeks ago when I had my first sleep-rate success until this weekend, I've been blessedly busy on the phones. Yay! Fun new callers, great conversation with regular callers, everything a Phone Whore Attention Slut could want (feel free to call me P.W.A.S.).

Then suddenly, after changing nothing, the last twenty-four hours have been slow.  I've caught up on some chores, caught up with some friends, relaxed, and even napped a little.

And now, it's close to 10 pm, so I still have two or three hours to go before I sleep, but I'm facing fresh unused batteries in my vibrator and a mild feeling of rejection, and I'm thinking of having sleep-rates again tonight.

And aha! Now I know. There is a pattern. I have found it. And there was much rejoicing (yay).

Apparently, I want to do sleep-rates when I'm feeling a little bored, when I have a little extra energy, or when it's just been too many hours before bedtime since I've had an orgasm, and the thought of being awakened to have one sounds yummilicious.

Science has been done. 

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