Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Drive-By Christmas Treat

I've heard of "drive-by tributes" (where someone who has never been a caller, and never bought any of your pay-to-views, gives you a tribute out the blue), but never been fortunate enough to be the recipient of one.

(side note: Today I had to take the day off because I had a dental visit. My extreme dental phobia means it's best if I choose "conscious sedation" (a prescribed drug which ensures I remember nothing later), so I don't remember anything today from about 9:50 am to 4:15 pm.)

(side note continued: I joked that I should have been taking true confessions calls, because I wouldn't have remembered them anyway right? An excellent plan! ... Except for the part where I was also sound asleep for most of that time, including leaning over and falling asleep against the wall as my husband was trying to get me out of the dentist's office. Soooo, maybe just as well I didn't try to take calls.)

So imagine my pleasant surprise when my NiteFlirt email contained a drive-by tribute! There was a lovely treat, for a lovely amount, from someone who had never before been on my customer list.

And then imagine my happiness growing exponentially when I read the accompanying email... Turns out it wasn't so drive-by after all: "Creamy Treat", aka Chloe (a Flirt who has commented on my blog a few times, I pointed out a few suggestions on her blog, but we haven't interacted in weeks) instructed one of her pets to give me the Tribute as a Christmas treat!

How. Awesome. Is. That!?!

A very Merry Christmas back to you, Creamy Treat Chloe! And to all your admirers as well!

P.S. I wanted to ask Chloe if I could include her name in my blog, but was feeling too impatient to wait for her email reply, so I called her via NiteFlirt to ask (she said yes, obviously). In case you were wondering, her voice is ADORABLE.


  1. A technical question...is it possible to have a phone sex 3some with you and Chloe on the same phone call, that would be super ultra hot!

    Just curious...
    Your "Sexually Accessible" Lover

  2. In order to have two flirts on the phone at the same time, either we would have to set up a special listing (which is apparently a huge pain to do), or you have to have two lines / two accounts, and you have to just call us both at the same time and speaker it / conference it from your end. That way the system records each call separately.

  3. When we get that far along, I'll call you and you can explain it to me again. I'm sure what you wrote makes sense...but I'm an auditory learner, but, I can conference call and I have speaker phone, so this is def a project for the future :)

    As always your devoted SAFL. I love that you thought to abbreviate me first. Definitely one of those, "why didn't I think of it moments..." LOL :)