Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yesterday's Pictures

1. I got a present from a caller in the mail, and told him I'd take pictures when it arrived.

2. That coincided with "maybe I'll stop shaving for a while and take pics when I next shave again".

3. These coincided with "one of my best callers had an awesome request for a holiday picture of me".

So yesterday was picture day.

First up: shaving. Since most of the pics are me naked and those aren't allowed on this blog uncensored, here are some partials:

Before shaving, there were pics like this, but full-body - I was kneeling.

The during-shaving pictures were soapier than this, with one leg up, standing, but tricky to find one that I could post, even partially.

Then I took pics in my new present -- yummy! So silky soft!

And then, by request, satin gloves, a Santa hat, and the red corset from the September shoot. He got more than just this picture, but the "naughty or nice" finger wag amused me greatly.

I don't know if I'm going to turn these into packages for sale or not, but I thoroughly enjoyed feeling pampered and photographable!


  1. always so desirable...

    -Gravelly Moon

  2. I love these pictures. I want some :(

  3. You should definitely package them up!