Saturday, December 18, 2010

Deleted Post

Thanks, Anonymous, for helping me realize I should delete a post from yesterday!

As far as I can tell, 10-20 people read it. Hopefully minimal harm was done.

"If you can't learn from people who criticize you, you're going to miss a lot of truth" ~ a speaker at a conference when I was 19


  1. this is Anonymous, I read your blog because I guess it's interesting to see a person express her process with her job as a phone sex worker. How you enjoy it, your thoughts on it. I realize I gave you a little slap last night. My intention was not to hurt you or be unkind. It was one of surprise at your post, and concern for the other women that share your job. My hope is that you consider those women with all your posts. You however have proven in your post today that you are actually pretty fabulous for taking in what I wrote. You did not have to listen to me, you did not have to delete your post, and you sure didn't have to take my post in the spirit that it was intended.. just one voice out there... so today you have proven what gracious person you really can be. Thank you Galiana Chance, and happy holidays!

  2. Anonymous, it means THE WORLD to me that you came back and commented again - thank you very much! It is easy to fret or worry that I have done something wrong or offended someone, and the follow up definitely helps clear that up. Happy holidays to you too!