Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Heart-Stopping Voice

A new caller today, with some playfulness in his voice, introduced himself with, "Hello Galiana, this is Xyz" (name changed to protect my sanity).

Caller Xyz sounded exactly like my best friend from high school, also named Xyz, who does not yet know that I'm doing phone sex (although I plan on telling him over Christmas if we have a chance to see each other).

Old Friend Xyz walked me down the aisle at my first wedding - we're that kind of close emotionally, even though we don't catch up often.

Old Friend Xyz is 100% homosexual, which makes the odds of him calling a woman for phone sex quite slim.

My response to the idea that Old Friend Xyz would stumble across me somehow and decide to call me up and say "Hello Galiana, this is Xyz" in exactly that voice was to laugh. Then stammer. Then laugh again.

Unfortunately, as I'm sure you've guessed, Caller Xyz was NOT in fact Old Friend Xyz, and I had to completely recompose myself before the call could go on.

Thankfully, the call ended up being luscious for both of us - he was coming to Therapist Galiana for exposure therapy to overcome fantasies of being a sissy submissive painslut. He'll need a lot more therapy. I'm happy to give it to him.

... As long as I can block out the mental image of Old Friend Xyz, who spent many hours trying to crack me up to get me in trouble for disrupting drama/choir rehearsals. I remember just walking out of the theater once without being excused after he delivered some exaggeratedly horrified punchline about pinto beans, because I knew I wasn't going to turn my gigglebox right side up unless I left his physical presence.

Now I really can't wait for Christmas!

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