Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 20-28

Although I'll also update my calendar page, I thought I'd give you a heads-up on my holiday whereabouts.
  • Mon Dec 20: going to the dentist, which means I'll be heavily medicated and need recovery time, so I probably won't be on at all, and if I am on, I'll have the remnants of a legal roofie (rufi? rufie?) in my system, so I'll likely be mostly incoherent, which, hey, is someone's fetish, right? That was a long-ass sentence right there, man. Heavy.
  • Tue Dec 21: on like normal.
  • Wed Dec 22: traveling to be with family, which also requires heavy medication. If I come online late at night, I'm likely to be ditzy as hell, but probably easily amused.
  • Thu Dec 23-Mon Dec 27: since I'll have my own hotel room, I'll be on sporadically between and after social holiday festivities, hopefully unmedicated and fully coherent.
  • Tue Dec 28: traveling back home, medicated, but happy.
That's the plan! I currently have no other travels planned whatsoever.

If I don't talk with you, I hope you have a good Christmas -- whether you celebrate it religiously, enjoy it as a cultural pleasantry, ignore it, or bah humbug it -- I hope you enjoy your experience of the next nine days thoroughly!

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