Friday, December 3, 2010

Reddit Update

The Reddit thing went very well - it was super-duper fun, and my Inner Exhibitionist had a ball. It's pretty quiet now, but if you're interested, here it is:

As expected, I was dead tired and dizzy as hell after scrolling and writing all day, but I took a nap, and I'm feeling better than I thought I would this quickly, so the phones will be on and off sporadically tonight and tomorrow during the day as I recover.

Who know if it will have "been worth it" in the long run in terms of new callers, but I had a blast interacting with geeks all day. Too fun!


  1. I found you through reddit and absolutely loved your thread and blog :) thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Thank you babybeast! I'm glad you enjoyed, and welcome!

    And what an adorable name. I can haz pocket monster plz? I used to carry around a tiny stuffed Oscar the Grouch in my jacket pocket, and your name reminds me of him.

  3. My name is actually a pet name given to me by my gf I call her vampire beast... but that is mostly because her canine's are ridiculously sharp and pointy and she tends to enjoy biting.

    Question: What are your thoughts on biting during foreplay/sex etc? yay or nay?


  4. That's so cute! I'm yay on biting, but not if it draws blood, but I do like sensations that heighten skin sensitivity, and biting does that quite well.