Thursday, December 2, 2010

Voice Samples!

EDIT: I was warned all my mp3s auto-launched in some browsers although I told them not to. Bad mp3s! So now they're just links.

I haven't ventured deeply yet into the world of recorded listings or for-pay-mp3s because I hadn't yet taken the time to figure out software that would give me the control I wanted. Until today!

I found Audacity, which is an amazing free, open source recording and editing tool. Now I don't have to choose between my too-soft microphone and my too-loud microphone: I can use the too-loud mic but turn the input volume down, and tadaaa! Much better!

So I made a few voice samples for my listings as a starting place. It was easy to convert them to mp3s, which are compact and usually playable from most browsers.

For my home page and "general listings" (Sex, Oral, Housewives, Girl Next Door), I made this one: Smart Fun Galiana Voice Sample

For my submissive listings, this one: Submissive Galiana Voice Sample

For my mistress listing: Mistress Galiana Voice Sample

And last but not least, for my hypno listing: Galiana Hypnotism Voice Sample

It's funny to listen to them back-to-back like that, because I made them over the space of a few hours. I'm a touch concerned that it makes me seem like I have a personality disorder to be able to change my voice that much. I don't, I promise. I just like a bunch of different things.

What's a diversity-aholic slut to do? Make a diverse bunch of listings, I guess...



  1. I don't think your voice is firm enough to be a dom. The others are great though.

  2. Thanks, Anon. It changes based on who I'm talking with and the vibe I'm getting from them, but the Dom voice was definitely the roughest for me to with no actual caller to bounce off.

    I'll probably re-record it. Thank you tons for the feedback!!

  3. I'm addicted to your voice! I <3 you!

  4. It is something, or is it something that I can all but see your expression as you seek the words of each recording. I saw the previous commenter's note, and I have a solution.

    Watch yourself in the mirror as you record each of them. Decide who you are. look at your own eyes. You'll be amazed at the change in your voice.

    The last, by the way, the hypno. I am not even into that, but it is perfect. I gives me all kinds of wicked urges.

    I wonder what Megan would do, if she tried to hypnotize me, and lost control...

    Gravelly Moon

  5. Grav, thank you for the tip! I love giving you wicked urges, and I think Megan would very easily lose control if you were all helpless...