Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Eleven Days of Google Analytics

Eleven Days of Google Analytics is almost better than Twelve Days of Christmas around here...

(First though: you may have noticed my lack of logging in today. I'm having just enough dizzies and sneezes to interfere with my sexy. I'll be back online as soon as my sexy returns)

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Here's my custom report - my own personal dashboard of metrics I love. /sigh Isn't it pretty? I love that it says "This custom dimension resulted in..." ha - I could rename that, but it cracks me up too much. Did I create a blog, or (cue spooky music) an alternate universe with a custom dimension (dun dun DUNUHHHHHH)?

The top graph is visits - all I got from Blogger Stats was page views, which were usually between 100-200 per day. What I expected was that my blog was in the 1-2 pages per visit range, like most blogs (according to fuzzy memories of a time when I learned about increasing blog traffic like five years ago). So I thought that meant I had 50-100 visits per day.

Nope. BIG SURPRISE: average pages / visit is 4.46, and average time on the site is 4:17 (four minutes, seventeen seconds, not four hours...), both of which are crazy high. So that means that when people visit my blog, they tend to stay for a bit and look around. Awwww. Thanks!!

So that means an average of 35 visits per day, not 50-100. That was a slightly unpleasant surprise, but the fact that people stay on my blog for so long was definitely worth it!

Other happy stats: 205 Unique Visitors is fantastic for just 11 days. I'm very pleased, I would have expected less.

My bounce rate is only 15.90% - I'm thrilled with that! Bounce is the number of people who only look at one page and then leave your site. 15.90% is crazy crazy low. I would have expected much higher.

So basically, I thought the same few people were showing up more often and reading less while they were here. And that, boys & girls, is why we have facts: to show us what horrible guessers we are. 

The one piece of data which is not on this graph which I especially love: when people come to my blog via searches like "wife pegging feeldoe" or "sybian masturbation" their bounce rate is also very low - about 20%. So that means when strangers find me without going through NiteFlirt or Twitter (where they're likely to know that I'm a phone sex operator), they stay and poke around. Fun! You know how I love poking!

All in all, I'm over the moon in love with Google Analytics. Yay! Go! Data!

(optional poll: This post had fewer caps but more !s - which is less annoying?)

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