Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Upsetting Trend

I've had five callers in the past few days do something really upsetting: I've been logged in, available for calls, and they've let me know they wanted to talk with me via email while I've been away from my computer. All five have ended up missing the chance to talk altogether.

When I'm logged in to the system and available for calls, THAT RIGHT THEN is the perfect time to call me. It doesn't matter if I'm away from my computer, I'll still have the phone with me. If I'm helping with dinner, or bring the dogs inside from our muddy back yard, or sorting through paperwork, or reading a friend's script draft, the phone is the best way to reach me, which is why I'm logged in.

I'm very good at managing my logins. If it is not a good time to call, I will log out. If I'm logged in, it is a great time to call. I promise.

I can't tell you how many times someone has been "setting up for a call" and someone else has called instead, and the original caller has said, "I wish I had just called you." Yes. Please. Just call. 

If you want to set something up via email, then call me for 1 minute to say "Could you check your email?" and I will happily go to my computer, read the scene you have imagined for us, and let you know that I'm in the right head space for you to call me back. However, the very real risk exists that someone else will zoom in and catch me first. You're a blog reader! I'd rather talk with you! I promise!

So seriously, please, don't miss the moment altogether by waiting for me to answer email! Zoikes!

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