Thursday, August 19, 2010

Variety Is The Spice of Life

I've had an absolutely luscious morning. Among other calls were two that demonstrate the variety I can experience from call to call, and how much fun I get to have.

First, I talked with a sweet gentleman I'll call "Pet Wife" who wanted to serve me, my husband, my lover, my husband's lover, and our friends - while ultimately belonging to me, of course. Oops, I should follow BDSM conventions and refer to Myself as Me, capitalized, when describing this call. Pet Wife would start her day on a leash at the foot of My bed, serving Me breakfast with a foot massage and a slow soft starter orgasm, help Me shower, and then spend the day in training. She needs training in sucking cock, getting fucked, getting spanked, orgasm denial and control, and of course, in worshipping My body. When she was finally ready to finish, I guided her how to stroke her clit-cock while she fucked her pussy-ass - then I counted her down to her orgasm. The sated exhaustion in Pet Wife's voice was extraordinarily rewarding.

Then I was directed by the yummy smooth voice of a guy I'll call "The Guider". He had me describe my favorite toys, get them out, and had me tease myself. With one toy buzzing on one breast and the other resting just outside my pussy, he had me describe how I masturbated in college... and if I was good enough at telling the story, I got to climax. Thankfully, I can tell stories under duress, and he was pleased enough to urge me to come hard. Whew. Not sure I would have been able to withhold if he'd said it wasn't good enough!

So... seriously? Are you kidding me? I'm getting paid for this?

Fucking. Delicious.

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