Thursday, August 26, 2010

New To Me: My Dominant Side

I learned about BDSM (Bondage/Discipline; Domination/Submission; Sadism/Masochism) by reading BDSM erotica and being massively turned on by stories about giving up control and being restrained.

I found a few great partners to experiment with, and sure enough, I loved being submissive! For me, the best part is the ability to let go with my mind.

I think a lot. I'm a smart girl, and my brain is always going, 90 miles an hour, with at least four thoughts at a time. And pretty much the only way to shut off my thinker is to flood my body with sex hormones. And the first way I found to really saturate myself that way was by being fully under the control of someone who was topping me by exploring, abusing, and testing me.

So in my physical sex life, either I'm submissive or we're sharing control. But I've fantasized about truly dominating someone else for a long time, I've just never taken it far enough to find a lover who wanted to be topped.

And then came phone sex work! Apparently it's common to call submissive listings to find a Domme, because bottoms understand what other subs want. I found myself explaining that I didn't have much dominant experience, but callers asked me try anyway... and it kept working out fine!

Turns out, I LOVE guiding masturbation, tying a man down and using him as a sex toy, "forcing" bisexuality, using my strap-on (well, I knew that one already, actually), role playing cuckold scenarios, and calling in my black friends with giant cocks to join me in being served.

I've even figured out how to do humiliation... sort of. Someone has to ask for it specifically, because being mean doesn't come naturally to me. I'm learning though!

So today I put up a new Mistress listing at NiteFlirt - my first $1.99/min listing: (1-800-TO-FLIRT  x 94-71-435)
I'd love to know what you think of it, especially those of you who have served Me!

Or if you want to call my existing $1.49/min listing: (1-800-TO-FLIRT  x 94-67-341)

All the best -
Mistress Galiana /grin


  1. Absolutely wonderful writing. I positively quake for the poor soul who manages to burke your ire in this persona. I can't help but wonder if this Mistress Galiana isn't closer to who you are becoming?

  2. Johnny, I have about 4 more blog posts started to explore that very question, but the very short summary is: I've always been a social and professional switch (can bottom or top as needed), but never figured out how to translate it to the bedroom before now. I'm looking forward to continuing to explore it.

    I know I'll never be just a Mistress. I know I'll always be a switch. I trust that I will eventually be confident as a Mistress, just as confident as I was as a Tech Manager after I'd been a Tech Manager for 6 years. Wow. I hope it doesn't take me 6 years this time.