Monday, August 23, 2010

Awesome Support

I'm a fortunate woman. Unbelievably fortunate. Oh, sure, I have a crazy mysterious disease which lost me a career, but that's not the most important thing in my life.

In the past month, we've told my sister, my mom, my aunt (the three of whom comprise my entire living "immediate" family), our roommate, my parents-in-law (not kidding!), a friend from college, and two of my husband's friends that I'm now doing phone sex work.

ALL of these people have responded supportively, after making sure my safety was not being compromised. Most have been fascinated, and have continued to ask questions, even writing me emails in the middle of the night as my new job occupies their insomnia thoughts!

My mom said she was thrilled that I could do something concrete to feel productive again, because she knew how hard it had been on me to feel like I wasn't contributing financially (we don't have kids, and I used to make more than my husband did). And my friend from college said it really seems to fit me well and combine "the best of" my skills and talents. How great are those responses?

What's been surprising? The support of my phone partners. Yep, the people who call me! "Hypno Man" warned me about keeping my boundaries intact. "Breathe Man" encouraged me not to try to resolve any therapeutic issues via phone sex. "Gravely Moon" reminds me not to get picky about my calls, even when they are not high-connection, because "their money is green too". "Butt Slut" asked me enough questions about what I wanted from clients to help me hone my listings to better attract those kinds of callers. And all four of them helped me work through my questions about how best to use pictures and free minutes to build customer loyalty without becoming a spammer.

I knew I had a great family and friends who'd watch out for me. I never would have guessed that I also would have felt supported by some great phone partners.

Luckiest. Girl. Ever!

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