Monday, August 16, 2010

Spa Day

Today Is a series of firsts: first time to get a mani/pedi in the same day when I wasn't prepping for a wedding, first time ever to mami/pedi/wax on one day, and first time ever to have it all paid for by someone I've never met in person.

Oh, yes, and my first time to take pictures with the intention of selling them.

I had a bunch of pictures before I started being a PSO, mostly from a 3-hour romp in the studio of Vivian Ronnelle, erotic photographer extraordinaire. And from my phone-cam, being naughty in random moments. I was stunned when picture packs I put together as an experiment started selling. Like... I've been making about $1 on pics for every $10-$20 of calls!

I was STUNNED. The Internet is FULL of naked pics... Why would someone pay for pics of me?!? And yet, they do.

So today is an investment in that part of my career ... and a day of feeling pampered and glamorous. Nice work if you can get it, right?

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