Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Best Thing So Far

The best thing so far about being a PSO (phone sex operator) (and yes, I know I probably don't have to keep repeating that PSO="phone sex operator" since it's in the header of my blog, but the first time you use an acronym in an article you're supposed to spell it out, and I CAN'T HELP IT)... what was I saying? Oh, right.

The best thing so far about being a PSO (which now I don't have to spell out) is figuring out how to articulate what I do. Not what phone sex is, but what I, specifically, do when doing this work. It took me a while to explain, even to myself.

Remember the buzzards in Dumbo who all asked each other "What do you wanna do?" "I dunno, what do you wanna do?" ad infinitum? Well, I can get into that trap sexually if I'm with a partner without strong preferences, because I really love following along when someone else has a specific lust in mind.

But what I figured out how to do was to start exploring my phone partner's lust landscape - the vast array of things that turn him on. And when we stumble across one that makes him give more feedback or catch his breath, then I search my lust landscape (which is astonishingly vast), and find an idea that overlaps. And then there's the place we play and explore for that call.

It's not as much fun if I'm just following to a script that's already completely written in his head, and I'm fed lines, and I follow along with the feeling that it wouldn't matter who I was.

It's so very much more fun if we're creating together, dredging both our imaginations, and both feeling gratified when we hear the other's voice crack from desire. I've been extraordinarily fortunate to get to explore those types of spaces with phone partners in the last month, and I hope I have many, many more opportunities to do so.

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