Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Battle of the Sexes

I'm pretty sure I screwed up a call tonight.

Phone sex between a male caller and a female operator seems to have a default dynamic: the man is trying to cum, and the woman is trying to keep him on the phone longer. This dynamic goes along with each party's financial best interests.

So when anyone tells me they want to have lots of details, I'm a little nervous about how far to slow down the pace. Really? Because, you know, juicy details cost you money!

Usually, I think I handle it fine by flying by the seat of my intuition... wait, no, that's a mixed... something or other. I might be too sleepy to be blogging.

But tonight I think I erred on the side of caution, and ended up with an unsatisfied caller who was looking for more lingering, soaking, settling in. Instead, he probably felt rushed. And I didn't want to forget this, so I'm blogging about it.

I sent him an email offering to make it right next time, but I'm disappointed in myself.

And a little confused... How exactly did I end up backwards in the battle of the (phone) sexes?


  1. Sometimes the anticipation of getting it right later is far better than getting it right the first time. With some people you can just tell... they will get inside your head and please you to your very core. Those people you make time for and if he doesn't, then he will be missing out. Allow this old man to grant you the wisdom of ages, it's always worth waiting for those types.

  2. Dear old man,
    I know.

    I'm logged out for the evening, done in by my own hedonistic delights and helping serve the hedonistic desires of others, and yet I'm wondering now: if I stay logged in, would you call?