Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Facebook & Twitter

I just opened a Twitter account: http://twitter.com/GalianaChance

Right now, at this very moment, it would be completely recursive to read my Twitter feed, because all it has in it is a link to this blog... which you're already reading... seriously, is your mind BLOWN yet? Mine totally is.

I'll definitely use the Twitter feed to alert of new blog postings... but not more than once a day. I assume my insane impulse to blog multiple times / day will slow after I get the first 50 or so posts out of my head.

And I'll drop random thought-nuggets there. That sounds dirtier than I meant it to - how often does that happen? Usually I'm trying to sound dirty.

And I have a Facebook account: http://www.facebook.com/galiana.chance -- but I probably won't post there much. I'll probably just use it to peruse people's personal lives and photos, and sometimes send private messages to make amusing comments. That profile does not have me listed as a PSO, the picture is less risque than most, and my friend list is invisible, so one friend cannot see my other friends.

I think these are all my Hello Worlds for a while: blog, Facebook, Twitter. Should do it :)

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