Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Moved, Safe, Not Quite Up Yet

I'm safely moved into my new digs. Yay!

They're bigger than I remembered. Yay!

We were pretty well-prepated for Move Day. Yay!

Due to severe underestimating by movers, even after a visual walk-through, the truck wasn't big enough for all our stuff, so arrangements had to be made. Boo.

Our "10-hour move" took 16.5 hours, finishing at 2 am last night/this morning. Boo.

My husband took great care of me, asmuch as possible given the situation, and I got to do almost nothing today to start recouping. Yay!

I'd hoped to try to be back on the phone Wednesday, which ain't gonna happen. Boo.

I still have high hopes for Thursday. Yay!

Good thoughts and well-wishes have been most appreciated. Please keep them coming. :)

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