Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Galiana 2K!

Go, go Galiana! My "Sex" listing just hit a rating of 2,000 points! Yay! And for those of you keeping track, yesterday was exactly 8 months since I took my first call.

The milestone doesn't mean anything in terms of callers finding me more easily, but it's been fun to watch it climb over the last few days and wonder who was going to push it over the edge.

Turns out, it was a new caller, on for 17 minutes, who wanted a humiliating cuckolding girlfriend role play. I surprised him on his birthday by setting up a threesome, and when he arrived at my apartment, looking forward to having two women blow him, I was tangled up naked in bed with a gentleman with an enormous cock, I had come all over my belly and in my pussy, and I informed my boyfriend that a few things were going to be changing since he wasn't adequately equipped to satisfy me by himself... Happy birthday, darling...

On a related note: my Inner Bitch fucking loves this job.

So, congratulations to me, and to my Inner Bitch, for getting the job done right.

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