Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm so excited to do the rest of the blog posts to announce the last of my picture sets from my 40th birthday celebration photo shoot!

These "Pinup" sets are of the happy, flirty shot in each outfit, along the lines of classic pinup poses. All three sets have fantastic shots from behind, or of me lying on my tummy, for those of you who enjoy such things (I know, nobody who reads this blog likes women with big round buns, but I thought I'd say it just in case... /grin)

The number before the "px" indicates that all pictures in the set are at least that many pixels tall or wide. That means the pictures for sale are 4.5 times larger than the sample preview pictures below. The detail is fantastic.

PINUP IN YELLOW 34 pictures. 2048 px. $10.

These 34 hi-res pictures are of me in yellow lingerie and cream satin kitten heels, looking relaxed and happy:

... and about as sweet as cotton candy: 

... oh, or maybe I mean a lollipop (we all know how much I love things in my mouth):

You may have noticed: my breasts are practically spilling out of the bra, because I bought this lingerie before I did the official bra fitting and realized I was buying 1-2 cup sizes too small. Oops. So if you like your Galiana cute and tasty, purchase Pinup In Yellow by clicking here:

PINUP IN PURPLE 44 pictures. 2048 px. $10.
These 34 hi-res pictures are of me in a purple babydoll nightie and grey silk high heels. I do love what it does for my boobs:

... and the matching thong is sweet, too:

... the set includes a few shots of me attempting to masturbating standing up (which I'm not very good at, but it felt great) with my favorite pink-egg-on-a-stick vibrator:

With the headband and the chandelier earrings, I was going for a gypsy vibe, and I think it worked. So if you like your Galiana a little sultry, purchase Pinup In Purple by clicking here:

PINUP IN RED and NAKED 35 pictures. 2048 px. $10.
These 35 hi-res pictures are mostly of me in my red and black corset, fishnet stockings, and black vinyl platform ankle boots. The outfit made me feel saucy:

... but to show off my geek side, I posed with a rare early D&D book that my husband has. No, I've never read it. Yes, that makes me a poser. But I understand how to read it, and I have played table-top RPGs before, and I know that my dump stat is Dexterity. Does that help?

... and then I did a few pinup shots when I was completely naked. I had to crop the picture to put it on the blog, but trust me, in the picture package for sale, it's all there.

My makeup was getting darker and messier throughout the night (by design), so I'd look more and more fuck-scrambled. So if you like your Galiana a little roughed-up, purchase Pinup In Red and Naked by clicking here:

I think these are the pictures that I return to when I'm not feeling sexy, to remember that I have it in me to be a siren, a sex kitten, or a wind-up playmate, and that I love doing so!

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