Friday, March 4, 2011

I Was On, Sorry (Several of) You Missed Me

The plan for Thursday night was:

* see how I felt all day, and if I felt good enough, log on for an hour or two tonight

* when I had everything set up and ready, log on for phone sex as Smart Fun Galiana, but not Mistress Galiana or Hypno Galiana (to get SFG back up in the listings rankings) 

* as I waited for my first call to come in, post a "Hey! I'm back!" blog post -- but I didn't want to post one before I logged in, just in case the situation changed and I didn't get on

* between calls (if they came in), draft a "Hey! I'm back!" email to send via in-system mail to (hopefully) drum up calls

The reality for Thursday night was:

* I was out to dinner when I got notification of an in-system email from someone (we'll call him First) asking if I'd be on tonight. I emailed him back that I thought I'd be on about 9:30 -- I actually logged on at 9:37 and shot him an email letting him know I was on.

* At 9:42, the phone rang, and it was not First ( was Second, of course), and we talked for 176 minutes -- yay for interesting people who are into edging and tease and denial! 

* At 1243 am, when I was done and logged out (I know the minutes don't add up exactly, but there was some time non-billed while recharging his account), First sent me an email to let me know he was still available if I was! I definitely needed a break after such a long call from Second, but I loved the elaborate fantasy that First wrote out for me while he was waiting, and I knew First would probably be closer to 30 minutes than 100, so after I caught my breath and a bit of a second wind, I logged back on and let him know I was still there...

* And Third called instead of First! He was wonderful and fun and welcomed me back with a bang, even patiently bearing with my probably-incoherent explanation about First and Second -- fantastic as always to hear his familiar voice.

* When we were finished, I wrote about five words of this blog post before the phone rang, and it was First! Finally! Yay! We had a lovely chat, then played his delicious slut-genie-in-a-bottle fantasy, and then I could log out happy with myself...

Well... mostly happy with myself... I'm deliriously happy for every moment that I got to spend with First and Second and Third, no doubt. But there were two others who emailed me while I was busy, and I'm sad I missed you guys.

Plus, there were several gents I intended to write on my first night back, and none of that got done at all.

However, overall, I'm relieved and ecstatic that the evening went as well as it did.

I was afraid I might be pushing it and trying to come back too soon (I know, it's been almost 2 weeks, how could it be too soon?). I was afraid I would be rusty. I was afraid my voice would give out (well, it got pretty ragged on that last call). I was afraid nobody would call. And I was afraid that phone sex couldn't possibly be as much fun as I remembered it (thankfully, dead fucking wrong on that count).

Silly fears, you can go away now.

Welcome back, me.

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