Monday, March 14, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays

Rainy days never get me down; I love putting on sweats and going for a walk in warm rain - it feels like taking an emotional shower.

And Mondays don't get me down at all, since Mondays around here are simply catching up on chores after a long weekend of work... usually.

This Monday was supposed to be different, though. Some kids in my family are on spring break, so we were going to take the dogs to the dog park (kids! dogs! mayhem!), but a thunderstorm blew in and blow away our pretty plans.

Welcome to Houston, Galiana. Remember how heavy the rainstorms feel here? In Austin, they always felt like they were blowing through, but in Houston, they feel like they're pulling up a chair and staying for supper. 

So I've spent the day keeping the dogs entertained indoors, setting up our recycling (no longer curbside, which stinks, but we can take it some place close), and researching stuff that I'd love to have to finish setting up the new place.

If I got everything I wanted, I'd get the back French doors replaced with doors that have a built-in dog door, a new set of stackable filing boxes, LED rope lights for the Fuckatorium, blinds and curtains everywhere, a backup internet connection (the complex has satellite, which apparently goes down during storms), and a gallery hanging system for art for the sleepatorium. Anybody have about $3,500 they want to donate to the cause? 

I'm looking forward to being online tonight after a lazy, rainy day. Showers? Lakes? Hot tubs, anyone?

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