Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cartoon Pinup Galiana, Part III

As I explained in the first Cartoon Pinup Galiana blog post (as well as The Second), a friend of mine asked a friend of his to do a cartoon pinup of me.

In addition to the me-alone pinup, and the Mistress Galiana masterpiece, he also delivered this, much to the delight of my Inner Submissive:

You can see the uncensored version here:

Are you serious? Every single detail of this is utterly dead. fucking. perfect.

He's dressed, but unzipped, while I am naked except for my collar and my restraints - the perfect symbols of surrender and control. His loose hand is in my hair, an as-of-yet unrealized threat that straightens my back in anticipation of the inevitable tightening. My grinning eyes, behind an exact replica of my actual glasses. My eager mouth, tongue outstretched, waiting, not altogether patiently, for that gorgeous thick challenge of a cock. The heavy sensual fullness of my breasts and back and ass and thighs. The rope binding my wrists to my ankles, in an intricate tie that would have required my participation to complete so neatly. I'm certain we both admired his handiwork when he finished.

But no, none of that is what matters. The real story here is in the handprint, isn't it?

I am blindingly aroused by this.

Thank you.

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