Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Laughing Set

During my 40th birthday celebration photo shoot, of course there were times when I totally lost track of whatever it was I supposed to be doing and just burst into laughter... because that's just who I am. Thankfully, my photographer thought those moments were worth capturing.

The pictures for sale are 4.5 times larger than these preview sample pictures, so there's amazing detail.

BIRTHDAY LAUGHING 34 pictures. 2048 px. $10.

These 32 hi-res pictures are of me in all three outfits, plus some naked, cracking myself up. Not quite able to look threatening while flipping someone off:

... or laughing at someone else's joke:

... or feeling awkward after hog-tying myself and not-quite-completely flipping myself over (yes, they were refusing to help me until she got the shot at this point):

... letting myself be distracted by my creepy, uneven eyes during the change of outfits:

... and basking in happy post-Sybian-ride orgasmic bliss:

I admit: I pick my friends and lovers based partially on whether or not they consistently make me laugh. So if you like your Galiana goofy, purchase Birthday Laughing by clicking here:

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