Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Picture Set: Stern In Purple

I'm delighted to announce a new set of pictures up for sale: Stern in Purple.  These 23 hi-res pictures are of me, in soft purple babydoll lingerie, looking far more strict and stern than I normally do (pictures include two shots of my bare ass, which I can't preview on the blog).

Taken in September 2010, as part of my 40th birthday celebration shoot, I was experimenting with looks and poses. I look happy and relaxed in the vast majority of pictures taken of me, so these should especially be fun for people who like picturing me when I get stern or haughty or angry.... I kinda look all three.

The pictures in the package are at least 2048 pixels in one direction - approximately five times bigger than what's here on the blog. That's a lot of intimidation.
And on the meta-blog side of things, here's my true confession for the week, which should explain why (hopefully!) you're about to see a rash of new picture packages offered for sale: I really want to start producing new photo sets, and technosexual/fembot videos, and recorded listings, but I can't let myself do that until I've listed all the pictures from my September photo shoot first.

Things I learned: taking fewer pictures per shoot is better, in every way. Less overwhelming, I finish packaging them faster, and I don't get bored looking at the same 4 outfits for six months.

So hopefully, for the next week, there will be a flurry of picture set announcements, so that April can be The Month of New Content. Wish me luck, productivity, and a keen eye for detail...

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