Monday, March 28, 2011

Subby With Hubby

Warning: Those of you who like to pretend that I am never with another man should skip this post.

I have a new picture set up for sale, called "Subby With Hubby", which is way too cutesy, but once I thought of it, I couldn't let it go.

During my 40th birthday celebration photo shoot, I needed some assistance with the portions of the evening where I was being submissive, and my husband was kind enough to offer a helping hand.

He helped position me when I was clamped in yellow:

He helped bind me when I was hog-tied in purple:

He helped put a big ol' handprint on both sides of my ass (most of the picture set is him spanking me HARD, twice, me reacting, and then me showing off his "handiwork" as it reddened up nicely):

He helped splash me with wax at the end of the night (although we didn't get very far because we'd been photographing for five hours, and the candle had to be really close so we didn't mess up the photographer's kitchen, and the heat was too intense for me on my breast, and all of a sudden, I was DONE... but my boobs do look kinda awesome when I'm lying on my back on a towel on the kitchen floor):

My personal favorite picture of the entire night: after the spanking (two swift strokes with NO warmup), he felt a bit bad, so I assured him I wasn't mad, and the photographer caught it. Awwww:

There are 57 photos in the set, all 2048 x 1364 or 1364 x 2048 pixels (that's more than four times larger than these preview pics), so there's at least one detailed picture of every part of my body in this set. Ass-lovers and spanking fans will be especially happy, I think.

The set is just $15, which includes a lot of pictures, high quality, and a wide variety of shots. If you like your Galiana submissive, turned on, and writhing in (pain? / pleasure?), purchase by clicking here:


  1. Awww super cute. Your hubby is awesome for helping out.
    - babybeast

  2. BabyBeast! Hi! Yep, he was a huge help during what turned out to be a hell of a long night. As an upside for him, he doesn't exactly hate seeing me tied up ...