Tuesday, March 15, 2011

OKCupid and Why 300 Was Important

If you are looking for a romantic partner and you haven't yet signed up with OKCupid, you're missing out.  It's a great dating site: free, interesting, and they use their data for good.

I made a profile so that callers can ask me for advice on their profile from a woman's perspective, not because I was in the market for new lovers, but I kept getting interested emails anyway.

So tonight, I logged on to switch my location to Houston, and consider deactivating my profile, and by the time I'd updated my zip code and politely responded to the people who had previously messaged me, I had more messages waiting for me... which led to a fairly ferocious feedback loop of distraction.

And then a funny thing happened: two gentlemen asked for my phone sex information, and said they might call me, and one of them bought my Sybian video! Whoa. You're not supposed to be advertising on OKCupid for paid phone sex... Yikes!! But they asked... so it's confusing. Hopefully I won't get kicked off.

My profile name there, predictably enough, is GalianaChance, if you're interested in my answers.

And now for the least connected segue so far in the history of this blog... 

Why 300 Was Important:
I remembered why it was so important to me when I hit 300 blog posts (this is 302): because on the "Edit Posts" page where you can see all the posts at once in a big list, it only shows up to 300 at a time. So now I can't see ALL my blog titles at once, ever again, unless I compile the list manually. It feels like a major milestone to me.

I'm such a freakin' dork. Honestly.

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