Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Hair Loves Houston & Other Observations

I just took this picture of myself:

... and had some observations to share with you.

* My hair loves Houston. It always has. My top 1000 hair days have been in Houston. Those wavy loose curls are from shampoo and conditioner only - no other product. That is what made my girl friends hate me in the 80s.

* When I don't get enough calls, I get bored and start playing with my camera. It was a slow night. Look what you made me do! Shame on you, you should be deeply, deeply ashamed of yourselves.

* My head does not glow. There's a lamp back there.

* The Fuckatorium 2.0 gets chillier than the rest of the upstairs. I should fix the vent, but instead, I just tossed on my favorite sweater, because I've recently seen ALL my clothes, since I packed and unpacked them, and I knew exactly where it was, and it fit with the whole comfy lazy vibe of the night.

* I'm learning how to use the mirrors with the cam, so you can see my back and front at the same time. I expect my experience to continue to grow, and for the resulting knowledge to cause a re-arrangement of at least some elements in the room.

and last, but certainly not least:

* I look damn happy on my knees.


  1. Damn, you do look yummy...

    It is hilarious that you moved a month after she did. Isn't it.

    Gravelly Moon

  2. Grav, I was thinking the same thing one night as I was falling asleep, but hadn't remembered when I was by a computer...

  3. You're so beautiful it makes me all tingly. :)


  4. SAFL,
    Thank you, darling :) a tingly SAFL is good indeed!!