Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fuckatorium 2.0, Blog Post 300!

I have set up The Fuckatorium enough for me to re-open my cam listing, and this is my 300th Blog Post! (queue streamers, horns, ticker tape, merriment and mirth all around)

On 300 blog posts: Considering I started blogging Aug 15, that's a little better than 40 blog posts per month... which is probably too damn many, but I've learned to accept and (usually) love my chattiness. I am proud of many of the things I've written here, and I have been touched again and again by the responses of people who have found the blog.

On the Fuckatorium and cam: I wanted my 300th post to be special, so I spent the day finalizing my space, and I did a little video tour of the finally-set-up-enough-to-unveil Fuckatorium 2.0! Exciting!

(important note: The sound quality on the video is not as good as the sound when you call me - I promise. But I was tired of mucking with the sound and already 2.5 hours behind schedule, so I went with it.)

I hope to eventually transcribe the video and edit this post with that, but for now, I hope you can hear most of it.

The important things are: the Fuckatorium 2.0 is set up enough for me to feel comfortable in it, it's a big room, I have a mirrored wall which are hiding closets full of fun clothes and gear, I have a bookshelf full of sex toys, and I have my bed.

Oh, and I figured out how to show my feet close-up without straining myself (a big improvement over the setup from Fuckatorium 1.0).

Now that this is (mostly) done, I can already feel the energy returning to do all kinds of thing with my web site, my listings, my blog... Seriously, all of my productive energy has been focused on this for the past three days: getting this blog post up with a video and turning my cam listing back on, and yet, while the video was still compressing, ideas starting popping into my head.

Dear Galiana: Please relax and enjoy yourself tonight instead of bopping directly to the next thing without taking time to celebrate, you goofy dork. Love, Galiana

(footnote: my first caller of the evening was phone, not cam, but he was willing to indulge me feeling celebratory, so now I feel like I've had a toast with the best champagne to christen the place... thank you)

Happy happy me!

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