Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who's That Girly Girl? (Part 2)

As I mentioned in Who's That Girly Girl?, I was more of a tomboy growing up than a femme girl. Although I always enjoyed dressing up for special occasions, I didn't keep my nails painted, and I valued luxurious food with good friends over luxurious pampering (my first manicure ever was the day before my first wedding - I was 25).

But since I was 30, I've had a tradition with two college friends to go off for a girls' weekend of pampering and relaxation. Every year, someone needs something specific (a brass candle snuffer, a tall thin vase to balance the mantle, the perfect chunky necklace for someone's birthday...), and we all hunt together amidst funky shops to find it.

This year, I wanted glass bead earrings that looked like they were made of wood, to match a fun necklace that I never wear because I don't have good earrings for it. I found them, and then added bracelets, and then a second complimentary necklace so I could get the free gift (a fancy hairband for the daughter of one of my cohorts).

Then when I came home, I finally admitted to myself that I need to bite the bullet and buy my own nail polishes, along with clear top coats, so I can touch up my own manicures and pedicures without having to pay to have them redone.

And while I was finding the nail items, I remembered that I didn't have a good light pink lipstick, and I'd meaning to try lip plumper, since several of the PSOs I follow rave about it...

Which led to this cacophony of absolutely girlishness on my desk yesterday: 

That's my desk. Those things are for me. I will use all those things, regularly. That is an accurate representation of a part of me these days.

I wish I could explain to you how weird it is to admit that to myself.

And... how fun.

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