Wednesday, March 30, 2011

40th Birthday Shoot Summary

At last. At long long long long last, my final blog post announcing a photo set for sale from my 40th birthday celebration photo shoot. This is the last picture set I am putting together, and it's my favorite.

(note about self-management: I knew if I posted this set earlier, I'd quit and never finish the other ones. I have to save the best for last or I lose steam.)

I had such grand aspirations for the shoot: 4 outfits (if you count "naked" as an outfit), and with each outfit, I had:
* a way to masturbate
* a way to look toppy
* a way to look submissive
* a way to be oral
* and unique poses for that set

By the time we got through the first outfit (yellow), I realized that I had grossly underestimated the amount of time we needed, so things got thrown off the train left and right. And nobody brought snacks, so by the time we were in hour five, it was 2 in the morning and we were all loopy and making bad decisions about what would photograph well, and about how much stamina I had left it me.

But wow, was it fun.

My photographer, the incomparable Vivian Ronelle (, and her very temporary assistant (my husband) kept me on track with the next thing to shoot, and kept me in great spirits. Even though we had only planned for three hours, Vivian was generously able to expand the time.

And my husband was a trooper; he was cheering me on, riling me up, tying me down, and looking proud the whole time. And, of course, trying to get me to flip him off, because he thinks it's cute when I look mad. Grrrr.

When you buy the set and view them on my online gallery, each picture has a bit of an explanation on it, like they do here on the blog, so it really is the little story of a long, happy, celebratory evening.

The pictures for sale are 4.5 times larger than these preview sample pictures, so there's phenomenal detail.

40th BIRTHDAY SUMMARY 43 pictures. 2048 px. $15.

These 43 hi-res pictures are of me in all four outfits, including me naked, enjoying my first professional five-hour photo shoot. From the start, in yellow, having a warm-up orgasm with the Hitachi wand, to break the ice and relax me:

 ... to the pictures that showed me beauty in myself that I didn't know I possessed:

... and flashes of a mature sexuality that befit my age:

... as well as a playfulness that belies my age:

Purchase 40th Birthday Summary by clicking here (especially if you never got me anything... /grin):

I had such an amazing night. I am so incredibly grateful that I had the means, the imagination, and a damn good reason to feel so celebrated and so beautiful the week of my 40th birthday.

Every woman should be so fortunate.

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