Friday, March 4, 2011

Back On Phones, and Stories from a Move

After last night's calls, I was surprisingly not obliterated today (in fact, I got most of my clothes unpacked, some laundry done, and some keys duplicated), which means I am comfortable saying that I am back on phones.

The calendar is back up-to-date-ish with my approximate expectations for log-in times.

My cam listing is still inactive, although I hope to activate it next week. Setup in the new Fuckatorium is well underway -- the furniture is in place -- but I want the whole room settled and free of boxes before I cam again. I know, I know, you don't care if I have on makeup or what I'm wearing or if there boxes in the room... but I do, and it's important to me to feel like I am offering my best.

Besides, before I re-start my cam, I want to do a little "Welcome to the Fuckatorium" video / pictures to kick it off right in the new digs. The way you start a thing makes a difference, and I want to start it right.

So. How was the move?

Even though we were surprisingly well prepared for the move, given how little time we had to plan and execute it, the day of the move (Mon Feb 28) was the worst move day I've ever had. We were on track for an okay move day when the movers realized they should have brought a bigger truck. We ended up going to U-Haul and getting another truck, with a tow dolly for our car, so we could fill the second truck, my husband could drive it, and we could tow our car behind the truck.

That unfortunate miscalculation had several unfortunate consequences:
(1) the put-stuff-into-the-truck(s) portion of the move took almost 8 hours, instead of the 3.5 they had allotted, so the day got much longer, and we were all much more tired.
(2) it cost us an extra $200, which theoretically, the moving company "paid us back for" but the move took so much longer than estimated that it didn't feel like it
(3) instead of riding comfortably in the front seat of my car with the two dogs in the back seat (where normally they fall asleep on longer trips), the dogs were on my lap in the U-Haul, pressed against me, shaking and whining, so I spent 3.5 straight hours attempting to calm them instead of resting.
(4) my husband had to concentrate way harder to drive the U-Haul towing a car than he would have if he'd only been driving a normal car, so he was more wiped out when we arrived than he hoped to be.
(5) the jockeying of vehicles at our destination was far more confusing than it needed to be; we had stuff in our car, my father-in-law's pickup truck, the U-Haul, and the movers' truck, and what got unpacked when turned into a grand old time-sink of a conversation.

All in all, I collapsed -- perhaps only partially figuratively -- with the dogs about 11:30 pm, with only about half our stuff in the new place, while my husband stayed up with the movers until they finished at 2 am. TWO A M. /blink /blink ... we were supposed to be finished around 4 pm...

So that wasn't a fun day.

And yet, much fun has been had along the way. My family, my in-laws, and most of my friends are easily amused and readily amusing, so the packing and unpacking processes have been filled with much merriment.

The best example: when I assured my father-in-law I could drive the U-Haul back to the house, despite my vertigo, by saying, "I can do anything for 15 minutes," he got a naughty twinkle in his eye, then politely said, "I ain't touchin' that line..." Yes, it's creepy for your father-in-law to sort of flirt with you, but he wasn't being creepy, and he wasn't flirting, he was just keeping himself from taking bait that I had set up so well that it almost hurt him to avoid it. Most importantly, though, it made me laugh hard on a rough day. 

The place is great: the closets are all about twice as large as I remember, the rooms and back patio are all bigger than I thought they would be, and the relatively low ceilings feel cozier than I thought they would. The neighborhood is full of fantastic restaurants, and handy shops of every kind are within blocks. Yay for urban density (we were in more suburban residential sprawl, where almost everything was at least 15 minutes away).

The unpacking has gone well: my uncle (also now my landlord) did a bunch of cleaning and gardening stuff, so everything looks fantastic. Plus, he gave us the run-down on our neighbors, their dogs, and nearby shops, and showed us all the quirks of the townhouse. My mother and sister have been here to help, so the bathrooms, the newly christened "Sleepatorium", my husband's office, and the Fuckatorium are all functional, and well on their way to being fully unpacked. The downstairs is still a wreck, but we've had enough food brought over to be okay even if we take the weekend to get the kitchen unpacked.

Overall, we feel loved and supported by our family in the area, grateful for our new home, and excited about this new phase of our lives.

As long as I don't have to step foot outside in July or August, we'll be good!  :)

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