Friday, April 1, 2011

OKCupid and April Fools' Day

My sister just called me, and started the conversation with, "This is not an April Fools' Day joke, although it sounds like one."

(side note: Last time she said that, she was unexpectedly pregnant. Seriously, why the hell would you tell your family you're pregnant on April Fools' Day? Answer: she didn't realize what day it was when she told Mom, but then she had to tell me that same day. Poor Mom answered, "That's not funny" and they had quite a conversation while my sister figured out why she had responded that way.)

I have an OKCupid profile, and it's active, because every few weeks, I get a request from a caller to look at his profile and give him my honest feedback on it. I love doing it, and along the way, I've answered a bunch of questions out of the curiosity of "I wonder how he answers this question."

Shortly after I relocated to Houston, I set my OK Cupid profile to Houston, so I'd stop getting emails from people in Austin, which set off a flurry of emails from people in Houston. One man in particular caught my attention briefly (before I realized: "Seriously, Galiana, you can't even predict when you'll be logging in. You don't have time to look for a lover right now.").

As we talked, though, I realized that he was exactly my sister's type. Now, my sister is married, but she's got a healthy appreciation for certain types of gentlemen, and she had made an OKCupid profile ages ago to look at her friend's profile to give her feedback, and then answered the questions out of curiosity... sound like anybody you know?

So I told her about this guy, so she reactivated her profile and looked at his information, and affirmed that yes, I can spot her type from a mile away. And then she got a couple of mails and realized she should re-deactivate her profile.

But on the way there, she stopped by her Quiver matches (where OKC pulls 3 profiles that they think might interest you) out of curiosity. And her first match was...

Galiana Chance.

Could. Not. Stop. Laughing.

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