Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blog Moved!

I am thrilled, delighted, relieved, proud, happy, and wiggly enough to do a Snoopy dance to announce:

My new blog is live! Please drop by:

If you're subscribed via a feed reader, please switch your subscription to: - thanks!

You may correctly infer that is also live, but so far, there is no other content on the site other than the blog, and I suspect that will not change: if I continue to add more pages, I'll continue to do so through the WordPress pages engine.

It was quite the learning curve to get here. I've been a techie for 17 years, but I was a data analyst, so I never learned web stuff beyond very basic HTML (shame on me). So I had to learn about hosting, domain registration, and then all the WordPress specifics of themes and widgets and databases and plug-ins. Oh my.

In theory, some day, I'll use the site to launch all kinds of things. But for now, the big advantage is that a self-hosted WordPress blog on a custom domain shows up higher in search engine results than a blogspot blog (which is super peculiar since Google owns blogspot!), so hopefully relevant searches will direct people my way more often.

Plus, I have way more flexibility in look and feel with WordPress, which is nice. Well, nice and overwhelming, because of all the choices. But I'm happy with the theme I picked, and I know I'll continue to tweak the look and feel.

Yay! Go! Galiana!

(oh, great, Inner Cheerleader... now none of us will sleep tonight, because that frikkin' girl has no "Off" button...)

Woooo! Gimme a G!

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