Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh, What a Night

This past week, I had custom video requests, ideas for follow-ups from my last robot video, and a custom mp3 request. So it was time to fulfill those.

I started getting ready about sixteen hours ago. There's still video rendering (or is it called mixing down? I am sooooo new at this...), but it's all edited, and the people who ordered them have their links (to at least the small versions) and passwords. Yay!

I'm going to bed now, and whenever I get up "tomorrow" I'll put the public ones up for sale, including video previews, and a special offer for anyone who has ever bought pay-to-view items from me in the past! Exciting!

But while there are still progress bars crawling along, I thought I'd share teaser pics.

The night started with a custom video for the Galiana-bot, which will be on sale as something like "Monitoring Fembots and Changing Clothes". It starts with doing simple monitoring tasks and reporting in on the activities of all those crazy fembots out in the field:

Then after work, time to let off a little steam:

And then get gussied back up a bit:

For the second custom video, which will be called something like "Remote Control Introduction", a girl robot meets her new Master for the first time and shows him how to work the remote:

Then it was time for the rescheduled "Galiana Demo conference call #02", since the first one ended... how shall we say it? Unexpectedly.

Surely this one goes better. After all, now we have moderators! And look how much fun the Galiana unit is having!

Then it was time to fulfill a custom request along the lines of, "Can you look adorable and sweet and innocent and talk like a filthy slut who can't wait to get hold of my cock?" Why, yes, Sir, I'd love to!

And then the last video won't be for sale, because there's personal information in it that would be impossible to edit out and still have it make sense to anyone else, but I thought I'd let you see a bit of what he got.

It was delicious fun... up until I had to start working with editing and rendering and directories and passwords... all that dumb yucky stuff. Boo dumb yucky stuff. I need a submissive who wants to do my video editing for me :)

But obviously it was a good night, because the Fuckatorium looks like a stripper from Tron threw a party here.

Oh, what a night... (yes, I'm old enough to know the song that goes with the blog post title...)

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