Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Anniversaries


... I got married. Happy Fifth Wedding Anniversary!

So tonight, I dressed up for our dinner celebration:

Anniversary Dress

The dress: the only Little Red Dress I've ever owned. Mom bought it for me last year for my birthday, specifically to wear today.

The accessories: chunky jewelry which matched my shoes. Wacky. It's almost like know how to dress myself sometimes.

The makeup: smoky eyes and red lips - to the point of being borderline trashy. My husband likes the raccoon look after... ummm... after the after-dinner-festivities, so I had fun with it.

The dinner: delicious seafood at the place that was the new, hot, hip place in 1985 when it opened (I was in high school then). I hoped it had not gone downhill now that it's a classic, and sure enough, it was still amazing. The blackened mahi topped with crawfish and shrimp and smothered in a cream sauce was just as divine as I was hoping it would be.

The conversation: My husband and I ask each other on anniversaries: What are your favorite memories of the past year? And what would you change if you could? Among our favorite memories were my celebratory 40th birthday photo shoot, and some conversations we've had triggered by phone sex conversations, so thank you, callers for contributing to the best parts of our year!


... I took my first phone sex call. Happy 3/4 Phone Sex Anniversary!

So what would I change if I could from the past nine months of phone sex?

I would have never tried chat-for-pay without an external system to police the amount of time spent. I would have gotten a good webcam and set up a cam listing earlier. I would have written the mistress / hypno listings to be more of a reflection of who I am rather than trying to reflect how I thought "those types of callers" might want me to be.

And what are my favorite memories of the past nine months of phone sex?

Being discovered by role play aficionados and realizing I loved that. Being discovered by hypnotism fetishists and realizing I loved that. Being discovered by robot fetishists and realizing I loved that. Being discovered on cam by foot fetishists and realizing I loved that.

And it's bizarre to admit it, even to myself, but... being discovered by humiliation and orgasm denial fetishists and slowly slowly slowly slowly realizing I love that, in a way I never would have expected. Shocking. I was sure I was never going to do either of those well, and never going to honestly enjoy them, and yet, here I am, looking forward to a few special denial and humiliation callers as much as I look forward to slow, sensual guided masturbation sessions where the caller gets off on hearing me climax.

I have amazing memories. The connections. The laughter. The tears. The confessions. The questions. The stories.

And, of course, the orgasms. Ohhhhhh, the orgasms. Nine months ago, I usually went a week without sex before I would masturbate, and now, I have to get myself off if I miss a day or two on the phones.

In fact, that may be my favorite thing about the past nine months: I'm even more sexual, and even more confident in my sexuality, than I was when I started.

Thank you, all my callers, and all my Flirt friends, and all my blog readers, for that amazing gift.

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